Age Well:

If you do your part in caring for your Lythe Leather goods, they will age gracefully and gain exquisite character with time.  It is my opinion that well-cared-for leather goods look better ten years down the line than they do brand new. Natural striations and hide grain make each piece unique, each hallmarks of full-grain leather.  A scuff here and there adds to the story of your piece, and leather responds to the environment it is most often exposed to.  With vegetable tanned cowhide (one of our most often utilized leather choices), regular conditioning and sunlight darken the patina and bring about a rich butterscotch tan over the months and years.  Leather is animal skin, and as with our human skin, if it is cared for properly and moisturized it will retain a supple natural radiance. 

Care Instructions:

As a general rule, leather goods shouldn't be saturated with water. Depending on the particular hide used in construction, some leathers will be more or less permeable to water intrusion. Avoiding excessive water exposure is a good way to prevent leather from becoming brittle, warped or stiff.

**Routinely use a clean damp cloth to remove the inevitable dirt and grime build-up.  I recommend wiping down your bag, wallet, or belt at least once every few weeks (less or more depending on level of use). After air drying, you can follow with a light massage of conditioning oil or moisturizing cream, especially if your product appears dry. Generally, leather doesn't need to be waterproofed.  Leather needs to breath, so spray-on chemical based/polyurethane water sealants are not recommended. 


Pure Neatsfoot Oil, Pure Mink Oil, and Obenauf's Leather Oil are all excellent options for conditioning leather. Pure NEATSFOOT oil is inexpensive and a wonderful option for restoring moisture into dry leather. Pure MINK oil is likely my favorite product as it has a pleasant scent and a subtle waterproofing effect due to the natural waxiness of mink oil. There are many products on the market which will serve you well in maintaining your leather products.  Pure and simple is always my best bet, and always remember to start with a pea sized amount and test a small patch first if you're concerned about darkening your leather.